Tire Buying Tips and Tire Maintenance
Looking for the best price on a new set of name-brand tires? A quick tire rotation or tire inspection with no appointment? Quick Lane® is Ready To Serve™. Our factory-trained experts are committed to making sure your tires are safe and ready for the road. And we have seven name-brand tires for you to choose from, including Michelin, Goodyear, Continental Tire and more.

Fast Fact
Rotating your tires helps to distribute wear more evenly, so you can get more life out of them.

How to Spot Worn Tires
Properly inflated tires are crucial to your vehicle's handling and safety. Regular tire rotations help distribute wear more evenly and can help you get more life out of them. But do you know what to look for when your tires are worn? Quick Lane® is Ready To Serve™ and can help you choose a new set of tires.

Stop by if you notice:
  • Tire tread depth of less than 3/32" or tire treads that don't reach the top of Lincoln's head on an upside-down penny
  • Punctures, cuts or snags in your tire tread or sidewall
  • Sudden loss of tire pressure
  • Your tire wear indicator is visible
  • Sudden vibration when driving
  • Poor handling or traction on slippery surfaces
How to Change a Flat Tire
If you don't have your cell phone handy to call a tow truck or aren't able to wait, here's what to do.

Consult your vehicle owner's manual for details specific to your vehicle, such as the location of the spare and jack kit. Be aware of your surroundings. If you do not feel safe, never hesitate to call the local police for help.

  1. Remove the spare tire and jack from your vehicle. Check the inflation level of your spare. If its pressure is too low, you'll need to find a place where you can inflate it, or call a tow truck.
  2. Your jack kit should include a tire iron for removing the lug nuts. Use it to loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire, but don't remove them yet. If you need to use a lot of force to get them loose, you don't want to do it while the vehicle is already jacked up.
  3. Block the other tires to make sure the vehicle doesn't roll.
  4. Raise the corner with the flat tire high enough off the ground to put the spare tire on. Avoid raising the vehicle any higher than you need to.
  5. Finish removing the lug nuts from the flat tire and pull it off.
  6. Put the spare tire on the vehicle.
  7. Replace the lug nuts, but don't tighten them yet.
  8. Lower the vehicle by turning the jack in reverse.
  9. Tighten the lug nuts. After a few turns, rotate clockwise to tighten the next lug nut. Repeat this process until each lug nut is securely in place.
  10. Stop by your local Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center for a replacement tire as soon as you can. If you have to use highways to get there, keep your vehicle under 55 mph and use your hazard lights. Most spare tires are not designed to handle high speeds for long periods of time.

Why It's Important to Have Your Tires Regularly Serviced


Here at Bill Brown Ford, we strongly encourage all drivers to care for their tires by getting them regularly serviced. Here are some tips on how to know when you need to come in for service, as well as what types of tire service we can provide when you visit us.


How to Know if Your Tires Need Servicing


There are several ways to keep tabs on the current health of your tires. Obviously, if your tires have large cuts, you're driving will be impaired, but small tears in the tread are also signs of damage, and won't necessarily give you a complete flat.


If you're noticing an increase in vibration while driving, or poor traction and grip while making sharp turns or traversing slippery surfaces, this could also be a sign that you need to have your tires looked at by one of our technicians.


What Services Will Keep Your Tires Healthier for Longer


Whether you have brand-new tires or a set that's served you well for many years, it's always important to come into our service station every so often to make a couple of adjustments:

  • Tire pressure - We'll check to make sure all four of your tires are inflated to the correct level that's recommended by whichever tire company you've purchased from. This is important for safety reasons and will also maximize the number of miles you can get out of your tires.
  • Rotating your tires - This simple service does wonders for your vehicle. Not only does this distribute the wear and tear across your tires more evenly and maximize mileage-it also exposes any issues you may not have been able to notice yourself. That way, the technicians at Bill Brown Ford can get a better idea of how much longer your tires will last you.


    Stop by Today to Give Your Tires the Upper Hand


    Come by the fantastic Bill Brown Ford Quick Lane service center to complete your routine tire service. We want to keep your tires happy and healthy for as long as possible. The best way to do that? Retain a regular maintenance schedule.