Our Quick Lane Livonia team wants to help you keep your vehicle safe and reliable. Your brake system has many components and is important for a safe ride. Your brake pedal can show signs of problems that need to be serviced to keep your brake system functioning properly.

If you to notice that your brake pedal causes noise when you're using it, then it should be inspected by a certified mechanic. When you press the brake pedal and hear squealing or screeching, then the brake pads are probably worn and should be replaced. If you drive a vehicle with faulty brake pads, it will cause excessive corrosion to the brakes. In addition, having to put excessive pressure on the brake pedal when you're using it is another sign of a problem.

You should also have your brakes looked at if you notice vibration when you apply the brakes or if your vehicle pulls to one side when you engage the brake pedal.


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