Motor oil viscosity ratings are a lot easier to understand than they sound. Still, the plethora of letters and numbers emblazoned on brightly colored bottles at the automotive shop intimidates everyone, including members of our Quick Lane Livonia team. Luckily, our service department's experienced techs broke it all down for us.

Motor Oil Viscosity Rating

A motor oil viscosity rating consists of two sets of numbers, the first followed by a letter "W." The letter stands for winter, denoting your engine in cold temperatures. The first number gives the degree of an oil's viscosity when your engine is cold.

The second letter denotes an oil's viscosity degree when your engine is hot. The lower the first number, the less viscous the oil is when it's cold.

5W or 10W?

Depending on where you live and the type of ride you have, an oil with more or less viscosity at cold or hot temperatures may be best for you. Go with a lower first number if you live in a cold climate.

You can also consult a tech at our Livonia dealership service department for more info. Give us a call today.


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