In some cases, when you find yourself with a dead battery in Livonia, MI, your best option is to buy a new battery. However, if the battery can still hold a charge, it's best to try and charge the battery so that it can start your vehicle. To ensure you connect the charger correctly, here is a basic guide from Quick Lane Livonia to connecting the cables that deliver the power to your battery.

Before you connect the cables, you'll want to identify which cable is the negative cable and which is the positive cable. Typically, the positive cable is red, and the negative cable is black. You'll also want to identify the positive and negative battery terminals, which are often marked in the same way.

After you correctly identify the cables and terminals, you'll want to begin by connecting the positive cable to the positive battery terminal. Next, you'll need to carefully connect the negative cable to the negative battery terminal, making sure not to touch the alligator clips to one another. After that, you're ready to begin charging.

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