Quick Lane Livonia wants to help our readers be prepared for winter driving to keep their cars in good condition and to be informed vehicle owners. Three of the most important winter car care tips relate to your gasoline, washer fluid and tire pressure.

You want to keep your car topped off with gasoline in the winter because it minimizes the problem of water freezing inside the fuel pump. Keeping a full tank of gas will ensure you stay warm in emergency situations too. You should top off the windshield washer reservoir because you don't want to be in a situation in which your windshield is very dirty, but you're not able to clean it. Car tires lose air pressure faster in cold weather. You should check your tire pressure at the beginning of winter and frequently throughout the season. Underinflated tires are dangerous to drive with, especially on icy, snowy roads.

These essential winter car care tips will keep you safer on the road throughout winter. They also extend your car's lifespan and reduce the chance of experiencing car problems.


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