Controlling Pet Hair in Your Vehicle

You love your dog or cat and may not want to ban them entirely from your car, but you still dread the struggle to remove their fur from your interior when the ride is over. With a little bit of preparation, you can still enjoy their company on a ride without anticipating long hours of cleanup.

Prevention is the best method, so cover your seats with a blanket or pad specifically designed for pets. Even a towel will do in a pinch. Keeping your pet in their carrier not only gives them a place to stay safe while you're driving, but also keeps the pet hair from spreading.

Taking a dryer sheet, rub it across your seats and carpets after you've vacuumed them to remove loose fur. If you still have stubborn hairs remaining, you can wear a rubber dish glove and sweep your hand across the upholstery in one direction, coaxing the hairs out of the weave of the fabric.



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