Keep Your Fuel System Functioning Properly

The function of your fuel system is critical to the healthy operation of your car. At Quick Lane Livonia, we want to empower you to recognize when there is a potential fuel system problem with your vehicle.

So what are some signs that your fuel system needs service? Here you go:

Car Doesn't Start

So you go to get in your car, but it doesn't start. This could be that your fuel pump has taken a dive, or your fuel filter is clogged.

Note: It's easy to hear your fuel pump start up when turning the key into the first position, right before you start the vehicle.

Fuel Pressure Is Low

If your engine isn't getting enough fuel, you may have a faulty fuel pump. You can find out by doing a fuel pressure check.

Loss Of Power

Loss of power could mean that you have a fuel system issue.

For any automotive repair, bring your car to Quick Lane Livonia.



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