Your tires keep you moving down the road and help you get through the toughest, slickest terrains. However, if your tires don't have enough tread or pressure, you may find they don't do their jobs well. Checking tread and pressure are simple ways to take care of your tires.

Use a penny to check the tread. Insert the penny between the tire's treads, with Lincoln's head going first. Once the penny hits bottom, check how much of Lincoln's head you can see. If you see the top of his head, you need new tires ASAP.

Check the tire pressure using a proper tire gauge. Always read when the tires are cold. They should have the recommended pressures listed in the vehicle's manual or on the door jamb. If not, top them off and take another reading. Bring your car to the service department here at Quick Lane Livonia in Livonia, MI for repairs or maintenance.

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