Most drivers never consider that their car could potentially become a welcoming home to rodents. Plunging temperatures make a warm engine compartment attractive even to city-dwelling rodents, making this a hazard for those who never venture into the woods. Once inside your vehicle, rodents can chew on exposed wiring or build nests in your car's interior.

Making your vehicle unattractive to rodents begins with covering any exposed holes that would allow them entry to your engine or interior with wire mesh. Duct tape embedded with foul-tasting chemicals can be wrapped around exposed wiring, and you can set humane traps nearby to catch rodents in the act before they ever venture near your vehicle.

If your vehicle has been the subject of unwanted rodent attention, stop by Quick Lane Livonia, where we can repair the damage and give you tips on making your vehicle unattractive to creatures in the future. Your repairs may even be covered under your comprehensive insurance policy.



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