Sliding on slippery roads is a common occurrence in the winter time, and it’s also something thing can be not only stressful but also dangerous as well. We typically think of sliding in reference to riding on icy roads, but we can also slide if we’re making a turn at fast speed, braking quickly or driving on wet roads. There are remedies and techniques to avoid sliding on slippery roads. Stop at Quick Lane Livonia and allow us to inform you on the best ways to handle slippery roads.

  • Make sure you’re driving with good tires that have plenty of tread.
  • If you’re on icy, snowy or wet roads, be sure to drive slowly.
  • Slow down if you’re maneuvering a corner or curve.
  • Make sure there is enough space between you and cars in front of you.

Don’t let uncertainty and lack of knowledge allow hinder how you handle your driving on slippery roads. Pay us a visit at our Livonia dealership and get some driving tips.


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