This Myth About Changing Your Oil Could Be Costing You

When it comes to changing your motor oil, there are a lot of myths that we just accept as fact. Here at Quick Lane Livonia, we want to make sure you're saving all the money you can. It's important to always stay informed about vehicular maintenance, so that you never get taken advantage of.

One big myth that's often told about oil changes is that they need to happen every 3,000 miles. If you've heard this myth before, then we're sorry - especially if you believed it. The truth is, how often you need to change your oil is entirely dependent on your vehicle type. Check your owner's manual for a detailed overview of how often you need to get your oil changed - it's probably not as often as you thought.

Oil changes, inspections, tire alignments - whatever you need done, make sure you know what you're paying for. Never hesitate to reach out to Quick Lane Livonia for more information about service topics.


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