Tips for Properly Detailing Car Interiors

If the interior of the car that you drive around Livonia, MI is getting dirty, a little bit of detailing can make a big difference. Quick Lane Livonia has a variety of techniques that you can use to get your car or truck looking like new.

To give your carpets a deep cleaning, use a hot water extractor. These units work most effectively when the carpet has already been vacuumed with a normal unit. Dry scrubbing carpets before using the extractor can loosen up deeply embedded dirt and get them cleaner.

For scuffs and dirt on the hard plastic or vinyl parts of your vehicle, use a microfiber cloth and all-purpose cleaner to loosen dirt and wipe it away. If normal brushing can't get rid of a mark, isopropyl alcohol can help. Using a foam pad cleaner or melamine block can also help with difficult marks.

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