Steps to Clean A Car Engine

Many people regularly take their vehicle to the car wash and clean off the exterior of the vehicle. However, there aren't that many people who clean the engine of their car. Quick Lane Livonia found in Livonia, MI wants you to know that by following a few steps, you can keep your car's engine clean.

Pick a day that is not too cool so that the engine can dry out better, and always make sure that the engine is cool before beginning to clean it. Next, you will want to disconnect the battery so that the car's electrical components are protected when you wash the engine.

Begin the actual cleaning process by spraying degreaser on the engine. On very dirty areas, use a non-metallic brush to get the grime off. Rinse off the engine and degreaser by gently spraying the engine with water. Allow the engine to dry thoroughly before reconnecting the battery.

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