Suspension and Steering

Well beyond providing a smooth and comfortable ride, the suspension and steering components also ensure that your vehicle’s handling aspects are secure and you maintain control of the vehicle as you travel down the road. The suspension system, including shock absorbers or struts, coil springs and linkage, help support your vehicle’s overall weight and assist to keep your tires in contact with the road surface as you drive.

The factory trained technicians at the Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center at Bill Brown Ford in Livonia will ensure these components are functioning properly. Scheduled maintenance, as recommended by the manufacturer, would include a complete inspection of all suspension and steering system components, power steering fluid level check and ball joint lubrication.

Can you identify the symptoms of a worn suspension and steering system?

If you noticing any of the following symptoms while driving your vehicle, please bring your vehicle to the Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center at Bill Brown Ford in Livonia for a complementary multi-point inspection:

Any excessive bouncing
Any loss of tire contact with the road
Any excessive or uneven tire wear
Any decrease in your vehicle’s handling or braking
Any vibration or noise
Any fluid leaks in your vehicle’s shocks
Any dents, holes or damage to any of your vehicle’s shock components